பிரபஞ்ச தலைவன் . பரமகுரு ..எனது குரு . . தமிழ் தந்த பெருமான் . உலக மக்களுக்கு சித்தர் நெறி தந்த .முதல் தமிழ் சித்தன் ,.முதல் தமிழ் சங்க தலைவன் ,.உலக மக்களுக்கு வாழும் நெறி வகுத்தவன் .. அஷ்டாங்க யோகம் என்ற இறவாமை என்ற மாபெரும் நெறியை பிரபஞ்ச உயிர்களுக்கு கொடுத்தவன்.
நினைத்தவுடன் துயர் துடைக்கும் கருணை வள்ளல் 
எப்பெயர்களில் அழைத்தாலும் அப்பெயர்களில் இன்றும் அனைவர்க்கும் அருள் புரியும் இறைவன் முருகன்
அவனை அழைத்து அவன் அருள் பெறுக்!!!

Ponni Kanan :Raja Krishna Moorthy sir each and every post of yours touches my soul.I wish to learn more about the beautiful siddar. OmMuruga Potri

Raja Krishna Moorthy: Dear Ponni kannan , Lord murugan is worshiped as God in the Bakthimarkam . . it is Vethaantha .Tthe puranas and other literature about lord Muruga are Bakthi yoga or Bakthi path way to get Mukthi It based on experience and belief . Wast Literature are wrote about Lord Muruga and known by many Tamil speaking people.

Subramaiyar the Lord Muruga created many literature in siddhar science as the creator of Tamil siddhar markam or YogamarkkamOr Yoga pathway to get Mukthi . .It is called Siddhthanthawhich is based on proved scientific findings . The science Of immortality is the main theme in these literature which is called as Kaya siddhi .

Few of the literature are available today . Many of the Tamil siddhar literature are originated from the literature and teachings of lord Murugan. He taught them t.o his student Agathya who is one of the Saptha Rishes . Agaththiya is Guru to Pulathiyar , Theraiyar , Thiruvalluvar Vikkiramaathiththan and others . 
These siddhars are having their followers .. So it is called Lord Murugan paramparai . Agaththiya himself wrote seven lakhs verses in the Siddhar literature's. Similarly other siddhars wrote so many laksh of verses in Tamil language .

These Siddhars are immortal as Lord Muruga . . Lord Muruga is so graceful towards us so that he makes us as equivalent to him . By learning his science we can be immortal and can attain supernatural powers . It is called as Ashta masiddhi .
முருகன் மகிமை் குழுவில் பதியப்பட்டது