Chanting Mantras

Effect of Chanting manthraas 

My friend Veenu banga asked a clarification regarding pronouncing Mandras and the effects. My clarification and comments

Chanting Manthraas with or without proper pronunciation has no effect on "Mukthi" or enlightenment.

Lord Muruga clearly told " mukthi or getting"gnanam . " or enlightenment depend up on their acts . So believe your intellect and stand on that . Merge all five senses . Surrender and concentrate on the only one God Paraaparan and meditate every day ."

when all kinds of vibrations including sound merges in meditation which creates Beta wave in meditation . That Beta wave is responsible for all supernatural powers . It is the findings of science. At the Beta wave stage of meditation there is no sound . It is called" Mounam " or absolute silence. So sound in any form has no influence in enlightenment . This stage is called Thuriya thiyaanam. 

Then what is the roll of Manthraas and chanting .?

When a person under stress or in danger or tried to merge his five senses ,he is in the state of confused ,baffled , afraid and trembling. At this stage his vibration is not harmonic vibration.
Chanting Manthraas or prayers bring him to a harmonic vibration stage. It gives him the required solution. He feels god helped him. This faith has wonderful effects in practical physical life .
So, the Manthraas and chanding will help in the physical life. The perfect pronunciations of Manthraas may improve the efficiency of achieving the physical purpose. So, in Bhakthi  yoga the methods of prayers , chanting Manthraas are emphasized.. Prayers and chanting Manthraas can be made in any language and in any pronunciation . The devotion and faith counts in the prayer not the sound . Jesus also told " your faith saved you "

Veenu Banga Dear respected teacher, Raja Raja Krishna Moorthy, thank you for writing your wonderful message. 
I feel it says it all, and it can only come from you.
Thank you for explaining everything so succinctly and completely. It is both comforting and clarifying. Warmest regards to you.

Robert Wilkinson Yes! Learning to listen to the Voice of the Silence leads to profound states of pure "Is-Be-Ness." The physical sound assists the physical body for those who need that. Excellent explanation!