Thiru Manthiram

So far we have seen 50 verses of chapter ! of Thantra 1. These verses are invocation of God . These verses are answering some basic questions of God . 
1. Who is God ? 
2. Where He is ? 
3 How He is ? 
4. What he is doing ? 
5 . shall we see him ? or Any body can show Him?.
6. Is there one or more God ? 
7 . What we can get from him .

Let us understand about God from the 50 verses and answers for the above questions.

  1. There is only one God . 
  2. God is the entity existed before the Universe was formed . 
  3. He is ATHI or origin. This Athi or origin is in the other form as Universe . 
  4. Human is the modified form of God who is capable of realizing the God .
  5. The nameless and shapeless God is worshiped in thousands of name and shape by human according to different wishes . 
  6. God is in the form of Negative and positive energy flex ( Siva and Sakthi ) .
  7. Then he become as five basic Seeds namely Agara , Ugara , Magara , Natha , Vindhu . 
  8. God is in the form of Pancha Boothams namely Earth , Water , Fire Wind and Space which are formed from Pancha viththu.
  9. God exist in side human body at six Chakra points( Six Atharas ) . 
  10. God is in the form of Light inside the body . 
  11. God is the Life energy of all livings . 
  12. God is immortal and non birth entity . He is the Holy Father . .
  13. God is omnipotent and almighty .
  14. Athi took the form of Siva and Dhakshna moorthy who is the Guru ( teacher) of the Universe .. He taught the Ashthanga Yoga the reach the God and become immortal . It is the real and ultimate wisdom or Mukthi Or Gnanam while we are living
  15. Half of the body of God Siva is Sakthi the Goddess . So God is He= She = Shemale = Arththanaari
  16. God performs the functions of Creation , Protection, Destruction , Changing or Hiding and Blessings .
  17. When a person realize the God inside him then the God will become the companion. He shows the way of immortality .
  18. The God inside the body Will come out and help in every walk of life . .God safeguard his believers from sufferings and give them safety and security .